Tips For Writing An Essay

To write an essay is usually the most difficult task the students receive when applying for a university and during their studying years as well. To help you to get out of difficulties and to have a good start, we have made our minds to present you the following tips for writing an essay. Below you will see the comments of the members of admissions office who actually prove and evaluate the papers you create. We do not promise it will help you to get rid of all the difficulties you may run into, but this information will definitely help you to get started in a proper way. Well begun is half done!

Tips for writing an essay From Members Of Admissions Office

Treat the task to write an essay as a good opportunity, because it is a good opportunity for you to do the things the way you want. It is one of the few things you can control when applying for a university. Make the best of it! Use this opportunity to share with us your story!

Move the envelope! Even if you want to tell us a common story, make the structure and style original and creative, for instance, you may present the sequence of events in unusual, but still in understandable way. Do not be afraid and let your brain loose to create so that you can do your best work!

Do not try to cover a great amount of events. Make emphasis on something that really matters, for instance, it may be an event, a situation or a person. Try to describe the thing you have chosen particularly, try to explain what exactly makes it special for you, word your point of view precisely and do not let your thoughts flow over the tree.

Do not be afraid to write about the things that of a great interest and importance for you. Reveal yourself in your essay! Help us to comprehend some particularities about your individuality. We want to know who you really are.

Do not even try to perform in your essay the things you do not really believe in. We will get at it onece! Write the thing you want to share with us, but do not even dare to write something you think we would like to hear or something we would be delighted with, otherwise you will be destined to fail.

Do not be shy to share with us some of your negative experience or your failures. We do not expect you to be ideal. It would be interesting for us to find out how you have managed get to smooth water, what you have learned and how a certain situation has changed you or your attitude towards something.

Your essay should have the main idea that will be easy for reader to comprehend. Your communicative intentions and your communicative strategies should match and should flow into the communicative aim.

A lot of encyclopedic knowledge in your essay is absolutely inappropriate. In case you want to show your competence within a certain field, you are welcome, but do not rewrite the thoughts and ideas that are widespread  and obvious for everyone.

Answer the prompt and keep to the point. We want to get to know you and become familiar with your story, but in your turn you should meet all the requirements we set in order to make this cooperation fruitful.


Be yourself. If you are a merry person, express it in your essay; if you are reserved, write a serious essay. Do not make vain attempts to be someone you are not.

Forget what perfection is. At least for a while. Perfection has nothing to do with college essays. The best thing you can do is just to be yourself.

Tell us something new, something we have not heard about you yet.

Review and proofread. At least twice! Be attentive! Remember you proofread not to proofread, but  in order to correct any possible grammar, punctual, lexical or stylistic mistakes, in order to control all the cause-effect relationship and make amendments if required. Your basic concern is to perfect the paper! When you read your paper you should feel sure that it will impress the audience it is written for favourably and that it will attracted particular interest.

In case you make up your mind to ask someone to review your essay, note that it should be an educated person, and what is more important do not ask a lot of people for help or you will simply lose your voice and individuality in the writing style.

Presentation is also very important. Do not underestimate it! Of course content and structure are in the forefront, but a proper presentation will definitely enhance the value of already written piece of work.