How To Write An English Essay

To write an essay is usually the most difficult task the students receive when graduating from school, applying for a college or university and during their studying years as well. It is not an easy task to create an essay that will arouse vivid interest and will make a favorable impression on the audience it was written for. An essay can stand out for diverse reasons, including negative as well, among them are, for instance, too much personal experience or brilliant ideas of other people, here plagiarism is meant, but how to write an english essay of the highest quality, what is right and what are appropriate reasons an essay can stand out for and attract readers’ attention?

It does not matter at all how strong your writing skills are, if the topic you have chosen for your essay is not of a current interest, not relevant and threadbare. Select a unique topic and you will definitely steal the scene. In case the topic is given and you cannot chose it by yourself, do not be upset ahead of time, in such a case you should concentrate on the actual state of things and try to  lighten the subject from the modern point of you with its correlation to the present, do your best not to retell obvious information but to breathe a new life into the subject.

The Main Idea That Is Easy For Readers To Comprehend

There should be a certain idea in your paper that will determine the way of your presentation of the information. Every essay should have the main idea that will be easy for readers to comprehend. The communicative intentions and the communicative strategies should match and both should flow into the communicative aim. Even a personal narrative needs to be of a certain strict structure, consequently it must have a certain idea. Give a succinct overview, give pros and contras, but always issue from your main idea, from your central argument. Be careful how you present yourself and do not claim that you are the best among all the applicants and that the university should be happy to accept you, be sure you can cope with all the consequential responsibilities.

Actual And Logical Order Of Narrative In An Essay

In order to perform all the information you consider to be important in a logical, creative, catching and easy for comprehension way, you should divide it into several separate parts.  Each paragraph in your essay should introduce new and additional precisely worded information that will expand your main idea. Each paragraph should perform a cogent argument for or against your central point of view. Each paragraph should make your narrative more informative and complex; do not waste your time and the time of your audience on irrelevant details. The language you use should be clear, terminology should be motivated and cliches and generalizations should be avoided. Remember that argumentation always prevails statement of fact, but still argumentation that is not out-of-the-way or poor. Your basic concern is actual and logical order of narrative. Your essay should be not only rich in content but also of a proper structure. The subject and the style of your paper should be matched and constitute a whole.


Important Role Of The Conclusion In An Essay

In your conclusion you should make it absolutely clear to your audience, why your essay is important. In the case it is a personal essay, emotional aspect should be added. In the case it is not a personal essays, you can perform subject you have chosen from a bird’s eye point of view, try to foreseen and describe the potential ramifications of the subject or suggest possible vectors of scientific research. In a personal narrative, you should also share what you have learned from your experience and how a certain situation has changed you or your attitude towards something, and if the conclusion you can make is unexpected, it will only make your essay more unique and  interesting for other people!

General Tips How To Write An English Essay

In order not to sound repetitive, while performing your essay, you should vary the length of the sentences and use diverse transitional phrases. You should also avoid overuse of extremely long words, but instead try to select the words that will help you to formulate your thoughts precisely  and to perform your point of view clearly and in a proper way. Review and proofread attentively! At least twice! Remember you proofread not just to proofread, but in order to correct any possible grammar, punctual, lexical or stylistic mistakes, in order to control all the cause-effect relationship and make amendments. Your basic concern is to perfect the paper! When you read your paper you should feel sure that it will impress the audience it is written for favourably and that it will arouse vivid interest. In case you still do not understand properly how to write an english essay and you have made up your mind to ask someone to review your essay, you should ask only an educated person for help, and what is more important do not ask a lot of people for help or you will simply lose your voice and individuality in the writing style.